Hailing from Northern England, Aimee now enjoys life based on a farm on the Mornington Peninsula. She is a certified 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. 

Personable by nature, Aimee enjoys being part of a community and leading from the heart. As such, her classes are inclusive, grounding and rhythmic. She teaches with honesty, grace, freedom and a sense of humour. 

Aimee is inspired by the healing nature of yoga. She takes a holistic approach, weaving pranayama, mantra and meditation alongside the physical practice. Her teachings draw on both tradition and contemporary thinking, to create approachable and layered classes. Students are invited to be themselves and to take an inward gaze.

A dedicated student, Aimee’s trainings include: Vinyasa, Chakras, Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation. She has studied with Jessie Fenech, Sian Pascale, Carling Harps and more.


Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs





Home Practice 


Aimee offers individual yoga sessions with meditation and take home practice. These classes are a great way to develop your personal practice, ask questions and continue your yoga journey. Aimee suggests an initial consultation to ensure she will be a suitable teacher for you. Beginners are always welcome.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs

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Small Group Classes

Aimee enjoys working in smaller groups, to allow more space for personal adjustments and attention. Group sizes can be from 2 - 4 students and mixed level. This is a soulful way to develop your practice amongst friends. 


“After practising with Aimee for just 2weeks I have already learned and improved so much. She takes incredible care of her students, making sure lessons were tailored to my abilities and adjusting my poses to ensure I was practising safely and also getting the most out of each pose. Her classes have a wonderful flow and are always different, always learning new things, never boring. Aimee listens to your aches and pains each day and adapts the following lessons to help you improve in these areas. More than anything, though, Aimee's calming, caring and personable nature mean that you leave every lesson feeling like you can take on the world a little better!”

- Georgy, UK



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